Today the technology works more or less like a social network. But instead of sharing selfies or tagged photos, it lets people swap trading ideas. Millennials are particularly hot on this – they’re creating hot “meme” stocks through apps like Robinhood. A bunch of regular people are getting rich overnight from social trading trends. This material is not intended for viewers from EEA countries .

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In addition to the HCMC regulations, the ZuluTrade Japanese additional branch is regulated by the Kanto Financial Bureau as an investment consultant. Alongisde the KFB, ZuluTrade is regulated with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the US as an IB and a commodity advising body. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. Moreover, we also offer curated Traders’ Combos which are dynamic combinations of individual Traders, constantly monitored by ZuluTrade and updated to ensure maximum performance. From the AVA Group of companies, AvaTrade is an international forex broker that has been around since 2006. To kick off your trading journey with us, you will need to connect your account with a Trading Broker.

However, Zulutrade does offer some features that act as a failsafe in case trades go wrong. There is a Monitor My Account feature which you can use to close any trades that should have closed automatically but failed to do so. There is also an advanced feature, known as ZuluGuard, that you can set to step in to automatically take profit or stop losses on your trades. Zulutrade offers a feature that completely automates the trading process. You can create an account that automatically picks the best trades from the best traders and copies them over to your chosen broker. Some brokers require a minimum deposit in order to set up an account and even if you use Zulutrade you have to abide by those rules.

Our website is 100% free for you to use and we may receive compensation from brands featured on our site, however, compensation received will have no impact on our editorial, guides and reviews. There isn’t that much to say about opening an account at AvaTrade, the process is very slick, fully digital and there is a low minimum deposit of just $100 in order to start trading. The mobile experience at AvaTrade is modern and slick with plenty of excellent functionality. There are three choices of mobile trading apps, including the full MetaTrader suite, AvaOptions, and AvaTraders own mobile trading platform, AvaTradeGO.

So if I have a look at this one first of all… And by the way, these traders might not be trading anymore when you’re looking and watching this video. So I’m not saying necessarily if I suggest this looks like a good trader doesn’t just go and blindly follow them, do your own research and see what you think. And maybe they’re not even available, but try and find similaxcriticals. So if we have a look at the trader’s history, I was also set for overall as well, rather than just one year. Because again, I want to know how long they’ve been trading for and how long they’ve been profitable for.

Fees, limits, and payment options on Zulutrade

My real account wasn’t that far behind this and if I ’pack up and go’ now, I lose half my money which is not a good feeling as I’m sure you can imagine. I have dedicated my time almost the entire day to read more about investing at etoro. If one can follow those traders who are showing consistent performance in the past six months… then it can help. In addition spreading the risks on different traders is also nice since one will reduce chances of losing all the bank from one trader.

So now my funds are allocated, let’s go and have a quick look at how this looks. So my trader dashboard will look a bit more interesting now. So these are the trades that I’m following here on the left, there’s no data yet though. As soon as these traders execute trades, then they will be copied into my account. And as soon as they’re closed off, they’ll start to show me a profit and loss in the account. I mean, you’re probably getting a feel for the fact that this is quite straightforward, and there are some, on the surface of it, good-looking traders.

  • Your money is also at risk of trading losses, and most customers lose money on the ZuluTrade platform.
  • PAMM accounts and MAM accounts (Multi-Account Manager) for money managers are also available on request.
  • So that one’s 1.5 million, what others have got high following amounts of money.
  • So if we have a look at the trader’s history, I was also set for overall as well, rather than just one year.
  • According to Forbes, Millennials will pump the price of disruptor stocks up for years to come.
  • From now on, I’ll stick to copying people who know what they’re doing.

Still, this number shouldn’t be more than 50% in most cases. 5) Win Ratio – similarly to the Winning Weeks filter – it’s not very objective, but obviously if you’re looking for low risk traders, this number should be quite high, at least 50%+. 4) Winning Weeks – this filter is not very objective as winning weeks really doesn’t mean anything. Some traders may have a very low rate, but when they win they win big while others may win 9 out of 10 weeks but when they lose, they lose everything they made during those 9 profitable weeks.

The only fee clients will need pay is the spread that will be paid to the broker when placing a trade. However, clients might encounter additional xcritical courses scam fees from the broker’s side through increased spreads or commissions. ZuluTrade does not offer Islamic accounts directly to its clients.

And it will also give you an idea of some traders in the left-hand side, some that you’re following in, some suggested traders. So it will show you the traders that you’re following on the left-hand side. And then you’ve just got very basic stuff that you’d expect, like your account information, inviting a friend, history and open positions, your settings. And if you want to trade yourself, that’s fine as well. At the top is quite interesting, because they do have a Forex.

Zulutrade is a very good

This in an indirect way can help to protect your funds. As for withdrawals, ZuluTrade clients are limited to withdrawing funds only by the methods supported by them and not by other brokers. The withdrawal methods available to ZuluTrade users include; PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and ZuluTrade MasterCard. This is a rather limited number of options and the fees can add up quite high. For instance, when withdrawing up to $500 via PayPal, traders incur a fee of $20 and when over $500 is withdrawn, traders must pay a fee of $20 plus 3.9%. Also, international Bank Wire Transfers incur a fee of $45 and the lowest withdrawal option available is with the ZuluTrade MasterCard which has a withdrawal fee of $20.

To make it worse after one month their sales guy was on phone trying to ahrrass me to go live with my real money. However carefully you choose traders to follow, each one will eventually experience a sudden and large loss which will more than reverse all gains. This is even if you follow the the top ranking traders. Note that when this happens, the trader will simply open a new account so that their bad trading losses no loger show up in their performance.

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If it looks amazing then, there’s probably something else going on and you need to be careful. Zulutrade has a number of unique features that make it stand out from other copy trading platforms and signal providers. As a social trading platform, ZuluTrade has very strict criteria in place as to which traders can be featured as those “traders to follow”, and at the top traders on their leaderboards. This move is a positive one for you as an investor since it limits the likelihood of so-called “lucky traders” being followed.

My favorite copytrading platform!

Getting started with social trading doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to sign up with a good trading platform, find professional traders that represent your trading style, and then use that knowledge to replicate their trades. The platform offers an Autotrade tool, which is provided through Myfxbook (considered by many as the “gold standard” for keeping traders fully-transparent when reporting their performance). This allows traders to copy trade via any system in their FP Markets MT4 trading account. This tool also provides real-time statistics, risk-management systems, and the ability to remove and add trading systems at any moment.

And then once you’re set-up, basically what they’re going to encourage you to do is follow different traders. And then basically, whatever trades they place, the traders that you’re following, will be executed in your account. Your money is deposited with a broker rather than directly with Zulutrade.

And maybe the ROI, the ROI looks amazing, but it’s unsustainable. Have a good look at the trader’s history, and make sure that they’ve been trading profitably and consistently for quite a period of time. So that’s one of the first things I would suggest if you do go ahead with your ZuluTrade and other purchases, and following this as an investment strategy.

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The companies imposed regulations across many of its entities to show you how well the leaders run their platform and why they earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of traders who trade on it. You can work with certainty that the company is doing everything by the book in a completely transparent and accountable manner. We must understand that different regulation and regulating bodies have jurisdiction in different parts of the world.

  • This includes the ability to view the profile of othexcriticals, and comment as well as read the comments of others on the trader.
  • The ZuluTrade brand’s goal is to become the world‘s largest social trading community on the globe, offering customer-focused investment solutions and an open environment.
  • If you set capital protection to 500 dollars, in case the trader is losing 500 dollars in your account, ZuluGuard will step in.

Therefore, professional traders might as well trade on a ZuluTrade signal provider account, so they can profit even more from their successful trades. Signal providers utilize the ZuluTrade platform or MT4 in creating trades. Alternatively, a signal provider is a trader that uses either the live or demo accounts.

I want the longest period possible, So I select winning last year or the last six months, just to give me someone with the longest trading history possible. And that is the second tip and probably the biggest tip of all that I would give you. Do not trade or do not follow traders who have had a fantastic week or a fantastic month.

I’m going to tell you some of the things that I like about the platform. I’m also going to be logging in and showing you how I pick traders, just actually going over the shoulder. And show you from start to finish, and how you can go about trying to make money with the ZuluTrade platform. The only fee Zulutrade charges is a $30 per month subscription fee if you sign up for the profit sharing account.

ZuluTrade rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, resulting in a lower spread and improved win ratio. For example, if your rebate is 1 pip and the spread is 3 pips, then your net spread is only 2 pips. The Demo Account of ZuluTrade is a free and an unlimited free trial that allows you to virtually trade with whatever funds. The list on their website allows you to see the selection of brokers it is currently partnered with.

Zulutrade Review

This range of transparent information both makes the broker easy to use, and trustworthy for the many followers who use their service. If you want to know more, check our guide on the Best Broker for ZuluTrade. Here you will find an AAAFX Zulutrade review along with a number of other top brokers which can easily connect with Zulutrade. One thing for sure is that you will have many top brokers to choose from if you are thinking of connecting them through Zulutrade. There are more than 70, though some may not be available in certain areas. Using an Islamic account at ZuluTrade may slightly increase the trading commissions charged by the broker.

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